KNOWHEN Saliva Ovulation Test with a Fertility Monitor App

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Would you like to know whether you can conceive and when would be the best time to do that? Thanks to the development of a simple, easy-to-use device, now you can. Let KNOWHEN help you predict your fertility cycles accurately, efficiently, and naturally. The KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Monitor is a handheld mini-microscope that monitors a woman’s ovulation using just a single drop of saliva each morning. KNOWHEN is the ONLY saliva-monitoring ovulation device with over 98% clinically proven accuracy, and it is FDA-cleared. With KNOWHEN women can pinpoint the day of their ovulation with EASE and ACCURACY. In addition, they now can track their daily-test results using the Personal ovulation MOBILE APP that is provided with the product, allowing them to better plan their sexual activity to achieve their fertility goals. Nature gave women the code to their unique ovulation cycle in their saliva. Now, for the first time ever, that secret has been harnessed within the KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Monitor.

Innovative – Test tracks your ovulation using only a drop of your saliva. 98.9% accurate
Assurance – Identifies your most fertile days and the best 5 days in your Ovulation Cycle to Conceive. 100% correlation with an ovarian ultrasound examination, 100% Safe and Natural
Fast, Easy, Safe – Results in minutes, easy-to-use, no messy urine strips. The only clinically tested saliva ovulation test in the USA. FDA Cleared. CE marked. Quality Guaranteed
BIG SAVINGS – One (1) KNOWHEN(R) Saliva Ovulation test is REUSABLE DAILY for years. It’s a top seller. No refills to buy
Great Value – Includes: 1) FREE Fertility Monitor App to track and monitor your ovulation, sexual activity and more, 2) Free Eva E-book, 3) Exclusive, elegant, lipstick-like carrying case (discreet/private)